Exhibited birds available

1)   Eurasian Eagle Owl - largest species of owl in the world: the Great Horned Owl of Europe
2)   Western Great Horned Owl - North American species
3)   Tawny Owl - the most common owl in Central Europe
4)   Barred Owl - North American species
5)   Eastern Screech Owl - North American species
6)   Red-tailed Hawk - North American species
7)   Mississippi Kite - North American species
8)   American Kestrel - North American species
9)   Spectacled Owl- Mexico, C. America, S. American species.
10) Mottled Owl - Mexico, C. America, S. American species
11) Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture- Mexico, Central, and South American species
12) Pharaoh Eagle Owl - desert owl, smallest species of eagle-owl from Northern Africa
13) Gyr-Saker Falcon - Largest falcon - arctic bird from North America, Asia, and Europe

Permits issued by US Fish & Wildlife Service and by Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries.


 Lectures, Presentations for:

  • Conventions
  • Schools
  • Festivals
  • Private Parties
  • Scout Groups
  • Movies


$185.00  -  up to 100 people, some "hands on" with small groups.

$100.00 - additional charge for each additional 100 people or fraction thereof.

*Travel fee added outside New Orleans Area